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SPRING ~ 2015

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Summer 2015
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WELCOME | From the Editor

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of summer, when you breathe in the warm air and feel it relax you from the inside out. This issue of Beyond the Acorn celebrates that luscious state. We found hammocks to...

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NEIGHBORS | Color Him Creative

At the end of the rainbow, Drew Daywalt found a box of mutinous crayons Written by JULIE MONDIMORE WILKE | Photo by RICHARD GILLARD A serendipitously placed box of crayons has taken Oak Park author Drew Daywalt on...

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NEIGHBORS | Sister Act

A dream hatched during childhood has grown into a flourishing family...

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NEIGHBORS | Give ‘Em Shelter

Habitat for Humanity honors local man with Lifetime Achievement award Written...

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ACORNUCOPIA | Latitude Attitude

We’ve rounded up a collection of unique hammocks to help you get in the swing...

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AROUND THE TABLE | Summer Cocktails

The story of where the martini originated is a fuzzy one (as are many stories...

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Dive into summer with toys guaranteed to be a hit with swimmers in the...

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NESTING | Bird Décor

Birds have been used in interior decor for as long as man has inhabited...

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LOOKING GOOD | Mom~nificent Makerover

Readers nominated women who, for one reason or another, they thought deserved...

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Upbeat Latin music, a pool full of friends and a dancing DJ encouraging you to...

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OUT AND ABOUT 2015 |Around Town

Summer’s in the air and, as always, there’s a whole lot happening around...

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RESOURCES | People and Vendors in this issue

A guide to the people and vendors mentioned in this issue.

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SNAPSHOT | Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa

Pristine parkland has rich history

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