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With summer in full bloom,

that sense of rural life is even more apparent. In this Summer issue of Beyond we celebrate local living. We begin by sipping some ice-cold lemonade, spiked for grownups who want to relive the lazy days of childhood, and top it off with sweet and creamy artisan ice cream, creatively concocted with luscious flavor combinations and the finest ingredients.

We also meet a woman who has chosen to live a simple, uncluttered life in a teeny, tiny house surrounded by trees. Vina Lustado’s story is the kind that makes me long to fill up a trash bin with my excess stuff and head for a country road with all my belongings in a knapsack. Clearly, not going to happen, but it makes a nice fantasy. And Vina’s tiny house is truly inspiring!

And, when I look around at our flaxen-colored hillsides dotted with oak trees, I’m aching to be outside—on horseback, preferably. That’s where our visit with Elvenstar comes in. This stellar riding academy in the hills of Moorpark is truly a country retreat for horse lovers.

So much more!!! Look in your Acorn Newspapers: Summer Edition Arrives June 29th and 30th!

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