Wallpaper’s Back in a big way From temporary wall covers you apply quickly on your own to a large array available at the local paint store and right up to luxurious “to the trade” designer lines, paper is back. Celebrity designers are even getting in on the act with their own signature lines of wallpaper.

Brown wall paper 21. Vela Taupesand. Vendor: Schumacher. Price: $144/yard. This sumptuous paper is great for adding texture and character. Shown here in a soft mocha, it reads much like a fabric would on a wall. 2. Sinclair Paisley — ash. Vendor: Schumacher. Price: $156/yard. This rich-toned paper gives formality to the natural-finish furniture. 3. Edie — champagne. Vendor: Tempaper. Price: $98/double roll. This lovely paper with a nature theme is elegant in neutral taupe and cream.

4. This printed sisal paper in a rich woody brown is a great new twist on traditional grass cloth. 5. A very traditional style, this neutral grass cloth feels fresh and new with the inclusion of fibers with a metallic sheen and a modern taupe color. 6. This modern contemporary look in a chevron pattern makes a bold visual statement, especially as shown in the gold foil finish. Don’t be afraid to put it on a wall where the windows are framed by some gorgeous drapery. 7. When it’s time for a little bling, this glass-beaded wallpaper might be the winning ticket.

Special thank you to Pamela Sandall Designs for uncovering these great papers 4. Filigree on Sisal Vendor: Candice Olson for York Price: $238/single roll 5. Sisal Twill Vendor: Candice Olson for York Price: $119/2 single rolls 6. Zee Gold Vendor: Tempaper Price: $98/double roll 7. Squiggles Vendor: Candice Olson for York Price: $140/single roll

Feeling Blue1. Edie Frosted — teal. Vendor: Tempaper, Price: $98/double roll. A brisk winter’s eve, a calm indoor retreat. This paper’s got a bit of whimsy and a breath of elegance. Feeling Blue 2 and 32. Marrakesh — honey jade. Vendor: Tempaper. Price: $98/double roll. This one harkens back to exotic ports and palaces. 3. Cirrus Clouds — plume. Vendor: Schumacher, Price: $100/yard. Like looking at clouds on a blustery day this paper blows freshness into a room.

4. With its angled symmetry and metered pattern, Greek Key Sisal introduces a classic harmony to a space. 5. A traditional blue grass cloth adds texture to a wall. 6. Shadow Flowers designed by Candice Olson for York is all about softness.

Feeling Blue 3 samples