The outdoor barbecue has become an extension of the kitchen and the wealth of cool new accessories make it even more fun to cook outdoors. Here are a few worth checking out.

gadgets for the grill

By Erin Newman

Grill WokGrill Wok

Healthy grilled vegetables are a snap with this professional-grade nonstick grill wok. Built-in handles make it easy to carry, and the silicone-based nonstick coating means easy cleanup.



Pit MittPit Mitt

Composed of the same heat-resistant fiber used in military operations, this grill glove can withstand 475 degrees to help you hold hot tools, pans, racks or anything too hot to handle. The textured surface provides a sure grip and the extra-long length protects your wrist.

Charcoal Companion

Steak Station Digital Thermometer

Manage up to four steaks—customizing each from rare to well done—with the Steak Station. Each color-coded probe measures temperatures from 115 degrees to 170 degrees and transmits the information to the easy-to-read monitor.

Charcoal Companion


Koko Charcoal

This isn’t your grandpa’s charcoal. Made from 100 percent sustainable, natural coconut fiber, Koko burns cleaner, hotter and longer than standard briquettes. The doughnut shape of each carbonized briquette promotes greater airflow, resulting in better burning and consistent heat. This non-petroleum fuel source has no nitrates, glues, fillers or chemicals, and leaves Koko Charcoalminimal ash.




Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone

Pizza Grilling Stone

Built of cordierite stone to withstand direct flame, this innovation makes it easy to bake pizza on the grill. The two-piece interlocking system allows air to circulate evenly in the hollow core, producing a perfectly crispy crust.

Bistro Sauce Pot$59.99

Bistro Sauce Pot

Brushing marinade or sauce onto grilling meats has just become easier thanks to the Bistro Sauce Pot. Prepare just the amount of sauce you need in the pot. The lid, with attached brush, allows for easy application as well as a place to store the brush while you grill. No more spills or drips, and it’s dishwasher safe.


Steak Collections

Grill Charms

Dazzle your guests with this set of six grill stamps that mark how each cut of meat should be cooked. Handy for any type of meat, the charms’ serrated design ensures they stay Steak Collectionssecurely attached, even when the meat is flipped or moved around the grill. Made of chromed zinc, the charms are safe, and meat cooks evenly around them.



Le Cadeaux Dinnerware

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LeCadeaux_109OBL Orange Blossom salad plateA patio table that includes Le Cadeaux melamine dinnerware is sure to impress guests. This shockproof, dishwasher-safe set looks like high-quality porcelain or ceramic but offers the safety of melamine—no broken glass on your patio. Le Cadeaux dinnerware is available in a stunning selection of internationally-inspired motifs and includes a wide variety of serving pieces. Available at selected retailers including #279BEN cutting board copyMeadow Gardens, Westlake Village.

from $15.75/dinner plate
Le Cadeaux


Sunbrella Fabrics

Outdoor furniture fabric is now moving indoors—and vice versa. It’s not new to see comfy outdoor furniture that rivals any indoor sofas and chairs. What is new is now designers are using those durable exterior textiles inside the home as well.

PTS Sunbrella_MAIN

A living room seating arrangement is completely upholstered in Sunbrella fabrics which come in dozens of colors and designs, all with the durability expected of outdoor fabrics.

Sunbrella fabrics, designed by home style icon Joe Ruggiero, come as beautiful sheers, jacquards and draperies in every color of the rainbow for matching sets of pillows, throws or upholstery. And they’re family-friendly, says Maureen Holm, co-owner of PTS Furniture in Thousand Oaks.

She says the store sells a lot of indoor furniture made with these versatile and hearty Sunbrella fabrics, which are fade-proof and resistant to weather damage and stains, wherever they are situated.

Sunbrella fabrics which come in dozens of colors and designs

“They feel like any chenille, cotton or linen,” she says. “But they have the same properties as outdoor fabrics. You can even spill bleach on them and they won’t stain.”

Big Green Egg cookingFrom $50/yard

PTS Furniture
250 Conejo Ridge Ave.
Thousand Oaks 
(805) 496-4804

The Big Green Egg

Modeled after an ancient earthen cooking vessel known as a kamado, the Egg is a grill, oven and smoker all in one.

“The Big Green Egg is a versatile and efficient grill,” says Greg Strugach, marketing manager at Warehouse Discount Center. “Customers who are savvy about grilling come in and ask for the Green Egg. It has somewhat of a cult following.”

Big Green EggWith insulating ceramics and the use of dampers, which provide precise temperature control, the Egg is equipped for making dishes above and beyond the routine steaks and chops. Any meat can be slow-cooked for up to 18 hours and infused with a wood-smoke flavor. Vegetables, casseroles, cobblers and other side dishes can be prepared in the Egg by using the indirect cooking method.

“Eggcessories,” such as baking stones, griddles and racks, are available. The Egg comes in five sizes.

Big-Green-Egg-CookbookFrom $419.99

Warehouse Discount Center
30621 Canwood St.
Agoura Hills
(818) 991-8846

14349 White Sage Rd.
(805) 222-1380

Egg fans will get a kick out of this cookbook from Andrews McMeel Publishing. It includes more than 160 recipes that take advantage of the Big Green Egg’s unique features. In addition to recipes for grilling and smoking, there are several for making breakfasts, desserts and baked goods. In keeping with the cult-like following the Egg inspires, the cookbook contains favorites submitted by Eggheads from all over the U.S. Available at