Pack Your Bags

We’re wander-lusting for these travel gadgets

LifeStraw Go

Designed for outdoor adventurers, this chemical- and BPA-free water bottle filters out 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria and protozoa hiding in streams or other water sources. Plus, the company donates filters to children in developing countries.
(888) 451-6752

Smart Earbuds

Screaming babies and bulky headphones are no match for these wireless sound-cancelling earbuds. Using Here One’s phone app and Smart Noise Cancellation technology, the earbuds can be used to stream music, take calls, amplify specific sounds or mute surroundings, controlling what wearers do—and don’t—hear.


This clip-on toothbrush protector and sanitizer keeps germs at bay for up to three months using thymol (known for antimicrobial effects) compound vapors encased in the holder.
(310) 204-7880


Put the selfie stick down (it’s embarrassing). This mini, hands-free camera sticks to just about any surface and is controlled by a smartphone app. Comes with eight gigs of memory and takes 5-megapixel pictures and 720P videos.

Portable Humidifier

Keep travel-induced scratchy throats and dry, itchy skin at bay by tossing Satechi’s USB-powered portable humidifier into your bag. Because you’ve got better things to do while on vacation than nurse a stuffy nose.
(858) 268-1800

Power Adapter

A must-have for tech-savvy nomads, Satechi’s travel adapter fits four different plug configurations and has an AC power port and a USB port so no matter where you are, your smartphone, cameras, tablets and computers will be ready to document your adventures.
(858) 268-1800


No service? No problem. With goTenna paired to your smart phone, you’ll stay connected to friends within a four-mile range, as long as they have goTenna as well. This handy device delivers text and GPS locations even when there’s no reception so you’ll have peace of mind when traveling off-grid.

Heavy Duty Heated Insoles

Plan on chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland or hitting the slopes in Switzerland? Heads up: It’s cold. ProFLEX insoles keep toes toasty warm for up to eight hours, and can be controlled by your smartphone using Bluetooth technology.
(866) 651-7579

Smart Suitcase

This sleek, weather-resistant hard-shell carry-on continuously shares its location with your phone, weighs itself so you can avoid pesky airline fees and has TSA-compliant self-locking locks. It’s also a battery charger so you won’t have to fight for a power outlet while waiting for your flight.

iPhone Lens

Tired of carrying 20 pounds of camera gear around? So were the folks at Moment Lens. That’s why they created snap-on lenses for your iPhone that are perfect for capturing the views from your sunrise hike up a volcano (without the sore back). Available in wide angle, telephoto, fisheye and macro.
$79.99 – $99.99

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Flying coach suddenly feels like first class when you have W&P Design’s TSA-friendly gin-and-tonic kit for two. The small tin box supplies a jig, stirring spoon, napkin and tonic mix. You supply the gin, and voila: Your middle seat is the most coveted spot on the plane.

Compact Iron

Walking off a cross-country flight isn’t an excuse for showing up to a five-star restaurant in a wrinkled shirt. Collar Perfect is a travel-friendly iron that has five adjustable temperature settings for any fabric. It can be used as a quick touch-up iron when there’s no surface available or opened for use as a fully-functional iron.

Eddie Bauer Solar Charger

Keep your electronics charged when you don’t have access to an outlet. Solar-powered charging bank features a 2.0A output port for fast charging, splashproof and shockproof housing, and a built-in LED flashlight.

Packing Cubes

Fit more in your suitcase with Eagle Creek’s ultralight, water repellent Pack-It Specter full cube set. The washable silnylon rip stop material lets you see what’s packed inside each cube, while the attached handles let you grab-and-go in organized style.
(844) 496-0404

Fitness Kit

Whether you’re away on business or just on a weekend excursion, make sure you’re always ready for a workout with this fitness kit that’s like bringing a traveling gym with you. The set includes three resistance bands, a jump rope and exercise booklet all packed in a heavy-duty bag that’s double lined to keep moisture and odors contained.

GoPro Hero5 Black

The latest version of the camera built for any adventure can shoot 4K-resolution video, 12-megapixel photos and packs voice control, on-screen exposure control, advanced video stabilization and a 2-inch touch display into its palm-sized, waterproof design.
(855) 635-3578

Gluten Sensor

Gluten-sensitive folks know all too well the plight of eating gluten-free while abroad. With the compact Nima sensor, you won’t have to decipher foreign menus or roll the dice every time you sit down to eat. Simply put a small piece of food in the sensor strip, and Nima will let you know if you’ve got the green light for a gluten-free meal.
(844) 646-2969


Let’s face it: jet lag is the worst. Made from leopard’s bane, wild chamomile, daisy, ipecac and clubmoss, this homeopathic remedy touts itself as the only effective jet-lag remedy other than an extra day’s sleep.

Instant Printer

Combining the fun of an instax capture with the quality of a smartphone picture, Polaroid’s latest innovation lets you print your digital snaps on the go by connecting wirelessly to your phone. The ZIP printer uses Zero Ink paper for smudge-proof photos and weighs in at less than half of a pound.

Panorama Camera

Ricoh Theta’s candy-colored M15 camera delivers a 360-degree view of your travels in photo or video format. Comes with four gigabytes of memory and wireless sharing capabilities.


The “world’s smallest washing machine,” this portable hand-washing alternative puts a modern, compactable twist on the traditional washboard method by implementing scrubbing “nobules” on the inside of its sack and delivering machine-clean clothes in six simple steps, saving nomads time, water, money and suitcase space.

Travel Flats

Tuck these ballet flats into your bag. Tieks’ signature blue non-skid split rubber soles allow them to fold and fit in a purse, while their durable brown leather midsole and foam cushion insole supports you wherever your feet want to go: winding cobblestone streets, late nights in the big city, strolls on the beach or the long trek down to the hotel bar.
(310) 601-7322