Rock in green 3D bag_01_bnbclassicfront copyThis biodegradable powder detergent was created by a Texas mom sick of products falsely touting themselves as eco-friendly.
Rockin’ Green has no phosphates, parabens, dyes or fillers. The bag is packed with 90 loads’ worth of cleaning power and is 100 percent recyclable once empty. Plus, it’s got a lower pH so it’s mild enough for baby clothes. Also comes in lavender mint scent.
(855) RNG-SOAP

floorsoappurplee copyLAVENDER FLOOR SOAP

Floors see a lot of action. The Good Home Co. helps banish dirt and bacteria. Its wood and tile soap is phosphate- and sulfate-free for a gentle, natural clean with a calming lavender fragrance.
(888) 442-2862
32 oz. $18


salsuds16ozDr. Bronner’s is a one-stop-shop for Earth-friendly goodies. The super concentrated, long-lasting Sal Suds is good for all-purpose surface cleaning, laundry, dishes, floors, produce, carpets, glass, windows and pet gear. Also, its pure spruce and fir essential oils are gentle on skin and vegan, too.
(877) 786-3649
32 oz. $18
16 oz. $13.99

Frosch - Grapefruit Cleaner

It took one spray of this delicious-smelling cleaner for us to hop on board. Kitchens, ovens and grills were left streak-free and smelling fantastic. Frosch is a trusted household cleaning brand in Germany and the vegan spray is also EU Ecolabel Certified, meaning the cleaner was proven to have a reduced environmental impact.
(212) 697-7034
16.9 oz. $4.50

We scoured the markets and scrubbed everything in sight to find Earth-friendly products to clean—and green—your home. No harsh chemicals, no icky ingredients—just the good stuff.

When life gives you lemons, turn them into a zesty-fresh natural cleaner and spray it all over your home. J.R. Watkins uses extracted lemon peel oil to deodorize and rid your house of bacteria. Plus, it’s a pro at cutting through tough grease and grime.
(800) 243-9423
24 oz. $4.99

Goodbye Detergent Orignal Spaghetti Scrubs copySPAGHETTI SCRUBS 

Enjoy your dinner with a side of toxic chemicals? Simply put, using synthetic oil-based square sponges and phosphate-laden soap on your dishes just isn’t appetizing. Goodbye Detergent’s fun little scrubbers work without soap and dry fast for no mildew. Plus, they’re all-natural, so no chemicals can creep onto your dishes. Choose between gentle (peach pits) or coarse (corn cobs).
(800) 321-2226
2 scrubs from $11 to $15
See dealers for price

toilet brush copy

Even the ugliest of chores can be done with a beautiful tool in hand. Bürstenhaus Redecker, a German company that has been handcrafting brushes for 75 years, uses untreated, sustainably sourced beechwood to make their toilet brush stand. The design and accompanying ceramic edge cleaner allows the pig bristle brush to dry quickly, preventing mold and ensuring that future powder room visitors will be sitting pretty.
(888) 891-8900

Kitchen_1.PAK_scrbr_09.28.2015 copyALL-NATURAL SPONGE

This sponge wasn’t originally intended for household messes. The plant-based foam was designed to mop up oil in the 2010 Gulf oil spill. With a no-scratch walnut shell scrubber, the Pura Naturals kitchen sponge is tough on grease and can absorb 14 times its weight but the hydrophobic foam keeps bacteria at bay, no matter the size of the mess: kitchen counters, juice spills . . . the Gulf of Mexico.
(855) 326-8537

These New Zealand-wool dryer balls shorten dry times, rid clothes of static and soften without harsh chemicals present in most commercial dryer sheets. The balls are made sustainably in Nepal and packaged by work-at-home moms in Utah. Each ball keeps clothes fresh for more than 1,000 loads.
3-pack $19.95 | 6-pack $29.95

KitchenAndBath_Front copyKitchen and
Bath Scrubber
This scrubber kicks grease and dirt to the curb. Because Better Life fills bottles with only the good stuff, you won’t have to worry about harsh chemical residue invading the kids’ (or your) next bubble bath. Rubber duckies, rejoice!
(877) CLN-HPNS
16 oz. $7.99

dishsoapCitrus Fresh Dish Soap
Life Tree’s concentrated dish soap is super tough on food messes, but don’t let that fool you. The biodegradable and phosphate-free aloe vera and calendula formula is ultra gentle on both the environment and your hardworking hands. The earth is happy, your hands are soft and the dishes are squeaky clean. Could you really ask for anything more?
(800) 824-6396
16 oz. $6.50

Fair Trade Household Gloves
The natural rubber in these sturdy reusable gloves is sourced from a responsibly managed plantation. With a 100 percent natural cotton lining, hands are comfortable cleaning the dishes, walls, toilet, dog or wherever the mess may lead.
(888) 281-6400

28oz_APC_HoneyCrisp_rgb (1)Double Fruity Freshness
Method knows green clean. Their two latest scents, honeycrisp apple and orange tangerine starring in method’s All- Purpose Cleaner and Daily Granite Cleaner, respectively, pretty much named themselves. Both are biodegradable, non-toxic, streak free and packaged in a 100% recyclable bottle.
(866) 963-8463
(All-purpose) 28 oz. $4
(Granite) 28 oz. $5

bonamiPowder Cleanser
Surprised to see this old favorite? We were, too. But it turns out Mom’s go-to powder was making cleaning green before “green” was even a thing. Tried and true, Bon Ami leaves just about any surface gleaming without scratching away the shine thanks to its feldspar and limestone abrasives. It’s hypoallergenic and has no chlorine.
14 oz. six-pack $8.95