Smart Health

 Take your fitness regimen to the next level by exploring some of the thousands of apps available to help you get on track— and stay there.

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calm icon copyCalm
Reduce stress and achieve a state of peace using this app and website’s mellow music, serenity program and guided relaxation sessions.

Everst icon copyEverest
Set goals, overcome hurdles and share motivation and encouragement with others as you scale your personal summit.

Gym-Pact icon copyGym-Pact
Talk about motivation! Gym-Pact users earn cash for meeting their exercise goals. Can pair with RunKeeper app.

Epicurious icon copyEpicurious
Recipes galore and shopping lists help you plan and prepare good food. More than 30,000 recipes plus step-by-step instructions.

Daily Burn copyDaily Burn
Stream professionally led workout sessions to your phone or computer 24/7. You choose from dozens of types of exercise. Never again get bored with your workouts.

Fooducate copyFooducate
Free to $3.99
Scan food labels while grocery shopping. The app offers key product info, healthiness ratings and healthy alternatives while you shop for groceries.

My Fitness Pal icon copyMy Fitness Pal
Use social media and the website to support your weight-loss and fitness goals. This app offers tools for counting calories, food journaling and blogging.

Weight Watchers iconWeight Watchers
Free to $18.95/month
Calorie and activity trackers, meal and recipe ideas, group support, graphs to track your progress. All you need to follow Weight Watchers online.

Charity Miles copyCharity Miles
Track miles run, biked or walked. Then, based on those results, corporate sponsors will donate to
charity on your behalf.
Pick a cause and get moving.

Fig icon copyFig
This “personal wellness guide for body and soul” helps users create goals, build a supportive network of people and share successes with friends.

Gratitude copyGratitude
This mobile journaling app can improve emotional well-being by helping you count your blessings. The website also offers a vision board application.

Pocket Yoga icon copyPocket Yoga
Take your yoga instructor everywhere you go. Choose type of yoga practice, level of difficulty and duration. Includes dictionary of poses and soothing music.