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Winter 2017

Beyond The Acorn
Fall 2016

Welcome | From the Publisher

lisa-headshot_200pxCozying up to autumn—it’s what we dream of doing.
By the time this issue of Beyond has reached your doorstep, most young families have settled into the reshuffled schedule of school, sports and just making life work after the hopefully more casual days of summer.
The pace can be mind-boggling, especially for families with multiple children. One and a half hours between kids’ practices? Can I get off the field and back again in time? Then there are always simultaneous games and children in different after-school activities. Can that doctor’s appointment be fit in here and “What do you mean, you haven’t finished your homework?” (Oh right, we haven’t even gotten home yet.) Mom is driving one child this way and Dad has taken the other two another way. And God bless the single parents—you’re miracle workers.
It isn’t even Halloween yet and the days are flying by in a blur. Keeping up this frenetic pace has its challenges. Somehow we do it and then hit that groove that carries us through this season. The art is to make sure to take the time for yourself so you can enjoy your family. Carving out the “you” time (or “you and hubby” time) isn’t selfish. Loving yourselves just refills that “loving cup” inside you so you can cherish and laugh through the family antics rather than pulling your hair out and asking, “Why me?”
So make it a priority to make room in that schedule for quiet moments to snuggle in with a book or with your someone special. If it takes a chisel to carve out time, do it. Twenty minutes will work wonders. Enjoy our beautiful outdoors for some inner peace. Or put the family on a one-day lockdown—just once in while—to just be a family. No friends, just you and the kids.
So, I say get your cozy on—your schedule will recover.


Welcome | From the Editor

leslie-headshot-2014When the first whiffs of summer begin to warm the air it sparks a kind of hunger in me, a longing to be barefoot and free of responsibilities. And in the weeks before everyone’s kids are out of school, I find myself desiring summer like it’s a long lost love. Who would ever want it to end?
But, after long weeks in summer slow-motion, I really do begin to crave fall. It sneaks in quietly. First a tiny bite to the air first thing in the morning. A nibble really. Then there’s something different about the breeze. I find myself thinking about what I’m going to bake. Asking myself when I can pull out the scarves. When can I cozy up to autumn?
In this issue of Beyond we do quite a bit of cozying. Our special popcorn recipes will help set the mood. And if you’re not of the mind to go near the kitchen, a trip to The Old Place in Cornell will not only invite in autumn but transport you to an earlier time, when folks gathered around a long bar to swap stories and eat honest food grilled over a wood fire.
It’s a good thing we didn’t ask our ghost hunters to investigate The Old Place. Who knows what, or whom, they may have encountered. But we do explore other local haunts, beloved places in the community where rumors of lingering spirits just can’t be shaken. Are they real? Or are they no more than local legend? We certainly aren’t going to answer that one. But with Halloween coming soon, it’s fun to let ourselves scare a little.
Turns out our readers are all about Halloween. When we asked you to send in photos of your most creative costumes, we were inundated with wild and weird images. I invite you to go to the website to see more of them.
And, by the way, it’s great to hear from you all. Next up, we are aching to see your most romantic moments (PG only) captured on camera. We want to see your epic proposals, your sweet anniversaries. Maybe you have a creative date or a magical moment to share. After all, love is in the air.
But for now, it’s time to put another log on the fire and settle in for a nice long read.
Until next time,




“The whole magazine is such a lift in every way and I read it over and over. Looking forward to the next issue.”

Marian T.

“ Beyond the Acorn is such a fabulous piece. … I really love reading it and using it as a resource.”

Lisa C.,
Agoura Hills

“I just wanted to say how much I love the Beyond the Acorn magazine. The “From the Editor” feels like I was hearing from a friend as we sat with each other in her living room. ….. I feel this was put together by a close family friend and I cannot wait to get the next one! ”
Sincerely, Cherie

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