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Winter 2017

Beyond The Acorn
Camarillo – Winter 2017

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Spring 2017

Welcome | From the Editor


e wait for it and wait for it until, finally, the clouds part and spring busts through in all of its color and glory. Even here, where winters are mild, we welcome spring and herald its arrival as we do the birth of a new baby. Well, she’s almost here now and ours to enjoy! Time to feed the garden . . . and plan for summer.
That’s why we’ve included in this sring issue a roundup of summer camps in the area. No, it’s not too soon to get the kids signed up. Either that, or wait for their long faces to greet you in June with cries of: “So, what’r we doin’ today, Mom?” There are so many options right here in our community—some great classic summer camps with activities like archery and relay races, and specialty camps that invite kids to try out movie making, dance, robotics, surfing and, well, it makes me want to sign up myself.
And while you’re planning for summer, don’t forget to check out the latest travel gadgets in Acornucopia this spring issue. Yeah, the kids get to play but so do the rest of us. And these innovative travel aids definitely bring wandering the globe smack into the 21st century. Noise-blocking earbuds? Portable workout kit? Palm-size selfie cam? Pull out the old knapsack (or rather, put it away for good and grab your self-charging smart suitcase), it’s time to travel.
On a more serious note, we meet a fascinating woman who is spending her retirement years changing the face of disaster search and rescue. Wilma Melville launched the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation 20 years ago and now the dogs and rescue teams trained in her 125-acre facility are deployed to disaster sites all over the globe. An inspirational story.
We were also invited inside the home of the House Whisperer who shows how a modest home can be transformed into an artful and unique family retreat. A piano repurposed into a garden fountain? Just take a look. It’s really something.
There is so much more to talk about in this spring issue of Beyond. I hope you take time out of your spring garden projects to read with us­—in the sunshine, of course.

Until next time,

Leslie Gregory Haukoos


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