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Beyond The Acorn
Winter 2018

Beyond The Acorn
Winter 2018

Welcome | From the Editor

Things look bright and rosy the day Robert Haukoos and I said “I do.”

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Dancing, great food, flowing champagne, tears, laughter and everything in between. It’s one of the few days when we can stop and celebrate something so positive and promising—a new family being born, no matter what the configuration. And, as the lovers hold each other’s hands, ready to jump into the future—together—it’s hard not to revisit our own love stories or dreams of love.


So often the wedding day precedes all the real-life weights and responsibilities that follow it. Yes, I know not all weddings are pre-kids and pre-mortgage but, even when they’re not, this is the day that every bride is a beauty and every groom, a prince. It’s a day of dreams and promises. A day celebrating love and commitment. And, for the guests, it’s a helluva party.

Our publishers, Lisa and Jim Rule, young and in love while students at Menlo College. Lisa says it was a case of “love at first sight.”

We are doing something different in this issue of Beyond, devoting a whole section of this issue to the topic of weddings. We peek inside three real weddings and take a few minutes to focus on a couple of the details that make a wedding sweet—flowers and cakes.

And, for readers who may be planning a special day, we’ve done a lot of the legwork for you, providing a comprehensive guide to local venues.

Those readers who may not be planning a celebration (or dreaming about one) will still find plenty to keep them company in this issue of Beyond. We spend some time with Joey Herrick, a fascinating man who has devoted a lot of his life to the well-being of dogs and cats. You might know him as the force behind the Gnarly Crankin’ K-9 Wave Maker. What, you’ve never seen a surfing dog? You’ve definitely got to take a look at this.

We also venture up Highway 101 to Santa Barbara, our bejeweled neighbor to the north. She’s always been a gracious and lovely city. And now, with several new places to visit, she’s even more inviting.
As always, it’s such a pleasure to bring this magazine to you. Hope you enjoy what we have to offer,

Leslie Gregory Haukoos

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