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Fall 2017

Beyond The Acorn
Camarillo 2017

Welcome | From the Editor


his issue of Beyond the Acorn is all about Giving. In these pages, we approach giving from lots of angles. First, with the holidays coming, we’re all plotting and planning the presents we will give to our loved ones. (And, just maybe, thinking about the things we may receive as well.)

In Acornucopia (page 22) you’ll find some really creative presents that keep coming all year long—subscription gifts. So once you’ve figured out the perfect treat for someone on your list, you’ll know they’ll receive something on their doorstep each month, all year long. Sign me up!

We’re also sharing recipes for delectable sweets that you can make or bake yourself which make adorable and very personal holiday gifts. (Around the Table is on page 28.)

But giving can mean something altogether different. Something non-material and more substantive. For Jacob Sipos, an impressive young man born with a congenital heart defect, giving means aiding other young people with atypical hearts. He started at age 5 (yes, really). Now 22, Jacob has been instrumental in helping several young heart patients get lifesaving medical intervention. And he’s got more plans for his very bright future.

Brent Camalich takes another approach to making the world a better place. He has launched a clothing company with a simple yet strong message: Dude, be nice! So, hand-in-hand with a growing business, Brent’s spreading a message of positivity and optimism. We could sure use more of that these days, don’t you think?

We also recognize several local businesses that have made a commitment to spreading holiday cheer in a very real way—by providing Thanksgiving meals, funding shopping sprees at Target and giving delightful song and dance performances for the elderly.  Please take a moment to read about their annual Acts of Kindness.

There is so much in this issue of Beyond and I have left what is perhaps the best for the last mention. Our Guide to Giving Back is a roundup of area volunteer opportunities. We’re hoping that, once you’ve been inspired by the many stories of others giving, you may decide to join in the movement.

Here’s to a bountiful holiday season for all,

Leslie Gregory Haukoos

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