Beyond readers commemorate their most adventurous moments by snapping some pretty impressive self-portraits.
Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Ashley Ing & daughter Emma

of Newbury Park celebrate reaching the top of Half Dome with a selfie in front of Yosemite Valley.

The future (of selfies) is female!

Craige Story of Westlake Village and her granddaughter Sidney Durham at the January Women’s March.

Dust-covered and sun-kissed

Kay Saillant of Newbury Park and Noel Hazard say “cheese” at Burning Man Festival.

Doug Hume of Thousand Oaks

catches a colorful wave of cyclists while cheering on riders in the Amgen Tour of California on Cornell Road in Agoura.

You might think the selfie was invented by millennials

but this image proves otherwise. Rigmor Werner of Thousand Oaks says her grandfather, holding the cord at center, was a true camera buff. This was taken at his home near Oslo, Norway in 1907.

Machu Picc-ture!

Kendall Kelley of Camarillo is all smiles while visiting Peru’s lost city of the Incas.

Joseph Litzinger and wife Melissa Soltman

of Agoura Hills rock a sunny seaside selfie in Carmel.

Larry Schwartz of Thousand Oaks

knows that a trip to the Great Wall of China calls for a great selfie.

'Sno better time for a selfie

than on a powder day. Thousand Oaks’ Greg Winter and his daughter Kaylynn ride the lift at Snow Valley near Big Bear.

Izabele Sagat, DDS, of Agoura Hills

poses with new friends while offering pro bono dental services in Haiti.

Wendy Knapp & Daughter Savannah

from Newbury Park visit the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Oahu.

Jon & Betty Hackers'

smiles light up the night at the Vandusen light festival in Vancouver, Canada.

Connor Roche

of Westlake Village is a selfie pro.

Al Davis pauses for a pic

while hiking to the Satwiwa waterfall in Newbury Park.