Shunshine on my shoulders

M copyany of us are looking for that silver bullet to solve our physical and mental problems. The lure of our electronic world calls to young and old, keeping us indoors much more than ever before. One of the unintended side effects is the rise in vitamin D deficiency. A lack of vitamin D may contribute to depression, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment as we get older, severe asthma in children, and cancer. As a result, some people take prescribed medications, self-medicate with liquor and illicit drugs, or turn to medical procedures to address the health issues.
Before your health suffers, how about starting with simple prevention? You don’t need to tan to get enough sunshine to produce adequate vitamin D. Just spend some time during the day exposing your bare skin to the sunlight. And if you just can’t bear to keep electronics out of the equation, get an app like dminder, which gives you a rough idea about when those crucial UV-B rays are ideal in your area.
Or . . . just walk out of that front door, plop yourself on the grass and bask in some golden rays. You will feel better for it—just don’t get burned.

—L. Rule