Lizards doing push-ups in the sun. . .

if you don’t stop to look, you’ll miss the moment

Illustration by Andrea Rule

Beyond The Acorn - Family - Summer 2014_Page_66

 L ife’s adventure continues into the warm, lazy days of summer. This anxiously anticipated season offers more than time off from work, it provides families and friends more time to draw closer, to bond, to nourish meaningful relationships. School’s out (for most) and our daily schedules are less structured. The conditions are ripe for making lasting memories. The less frenetic days allow us all to connect—as long as we take advantage and choose to live in the moment. Taking a walk, with a cellphone in hand, tweeting or texting each step of the way is not being there. It’s only a family walk if everyone is present, physically and mentally. Have the patience to watch the lizard doing push-ups in the sun, to count the butterflies in the marigolds or to listen to each other’s dreams or fears. Celebrate your common interests and your differences. It takes so little effort and delivers such rewards. So come together, enjoy each other and, most importantly, be in the moment. There’s no better time than summer to do so.

—L. Rule