Nothing gets our cords in a bunch quite like an outdated entertainment system

Written by Darleen Principe

SpeakersAre all those extension cords, crossed wires (color-coded, if you’re lucky), and multiplug power strips stacked atop one another behind your entertainment system getting you down?
How about all those one-trick remote controls on your coffee table?
And don’t forget those surround-sound speaker cables, booby traps waiting to spring.
If you can relate, then the experts at Malibu-based Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High-End Audio say it’s time for an upgrade.
Audiophiles, movie lovers and media connoisseurs are joined by a common goal—to simultaneously expand and simplify the capabilities of home entertainment.
Start by going wireless.
Home Theater TwoMost major electronics brands have jumped onto the wireless bandwagon by now, and the convenience no longer applies just to cellphones and laptops. Audio speakers, satellite receivers, and adapters for computers, movie players and gaming consoles have all found their way into the wild world of wireless.
These days it’s not hard to build a full-range, high-end home media system (with just a few necessary wires) that’s controllable from a smartphone, a tablet or just one panel in the living room wall.
It may sound complicated to some, but the media wizards at Sweet Spot are using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared connectivity—simply known as IR in the industry—to tie together most electronics in the house.

In this new wireless world, one receiver/transmitter in the downstairs media room could play your favorite song all through the house—wherever there’s a wireless speaker. Or it could stream a pop station in your teen’s room while at the same time broadcasting classical through the speakers in your outdoor living area.

Indoor and outdoor lighting can also be controlled from the same media panel or remote.
When it comes to creating that sweet spot, where high-quality audio meets high-definition visual, no part of the house is off limits.

Home Theater One

The newest home media systems are practically wireless and can be operated by a single control panel, a smartphone or a tablet.