NEPTUNE underwater MP3 player
Neptune-under waterThis waterproof MP3 player uses bone conduction audio transmission to send music through the cheekbone directly into the inner ear. It has 4GB of storage. The screen shows the song, artist and play status, and the unit attaches to goggle straps. $124 www.Finisinc.comNEPTUNE underwater MP3 pla

Polar heart-rate sensors
These devices provide basic monitoring to keep fitness training simple.The FT4 shows when you’re improving based on your heart rate and displays calories burned. The FT7 is designed for those who want to know if they’re improving their fitness or burning fat. Both

Polar heart-rate sensors copy

POLAR heart-rate sensor with beat app
Polar heart-rate sensors w beatThe H7 heart-rate sensor sends live, accurate heart rate info to your mobile training app, turning it into a smart training companion.

This smart exercise headset monitors your heart rate, tracks physical location and workout data while remaining invisible to the user so you can enjoy music while you work out. Powered by Perform Tek Precision Biometrics, a state-of-the-art sensor technology that measures real-time biometric data.




Nike+ Fuelband SE
Nike+ Fuelband SE copyThe FuelBand SE tracks your every move—literally. It measures whole-body movement—how much, how often and how intensely—and gives real-time feedback and reminders to keep your workouts effective. Sync with a Nike account to share with friends through Nike+ Groups.
From $149’/us/e_us/pd/fuelband-s

Force copyForce
This wristband helps motivate you to keep moving with real-time stats. It tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes throughout the day. It also tracks the quality of your sleep and wakes you silently with a vibrating alarm. Online charts of your sleep patterns help you determine how to get a better night’s snooze.
From $99.95

RoadID InteractiveRoadID Interactive
This simple device will speak for you if you can’t. RoadID Interactive provides secure medical and emergency information with a live operator and web access. Choose a wristband, shoe pouch or ankle band. Also available for kids and dogs. One-year membership is $9.99.
From $17.99