Build a Birdbath copy





This easy DIY project will bring years of enjoyment 

What you need:



10″ diameter terra cotta flower pot
12″ diameter terra cotta flower pot
14″ diameter terra cotta flower pot
18″ diameter terra cotta plant saucer
Paints (exterior satin or flat finish or craft paint
in whatever colors tickle your fancy)
Paint brushes, sponges, stencils or stamps
Industrial strength construction adhesive
Water-based polyurethane*

Rub away any loose clay or rough areas on outside of the pots and saucer. Stack pots, starting with the largest, upside-down. Mark below the rims of the medium and small pots, onto the larger pot below it. That’s going to show you where your design should end (you don’t want your artwork covered up!)

Pull apart the pots and saucer so you can work with them separately. Seal the interior of each of the pots, the lower edge of the largest pot (the edge that will rest on the ground), and the entire saucer with polyurethane. We recommend two or three coats. Let dry completely.

Paint the outside of your pots and the saucer. Be creative, painting up to and slightly over the marker you drew earlier.

Once well dried, decorate the pots to your heart’s content using stencils, stamps or paint to create designs.
When thoroughly dry, seal the entire outside of each of the pots, even the portions that will be hidden from view, using at least three coats of polyurethane. Let dry overnight.

Apply construction adhesive to the bottom of the smallest pot and glue it to the bottom of the saucer, taking care to center the saucer.

Turn the largest pot upside-down and place in the spot you’ve chosen for your birdbath. Place the medium-sized pot on it, followed by the smallest pot and saucer, which are now a single unit.

Fill your birdbath with water and keep on the lookout for birds!

*IMPORTANT: Use nontoxic or “baby safe” polyurethane that is suitable for use over paint. Avoid oil-based polyurethane, which tends to yellow.