Tis the season to dress up—the one time of year when even most homebodies get into their dancing shoes to attend a party or two.

Stylist Billy Lowe created several fun and elegant hairstyles that will make even the most humble (or humdrum) of women feel like a princess for the night.

Our model, soprano Kaitlyn Wolf, is used to donning the bling when she’s on stage. But, just like a performer, any woman dressing for a fine night out can transform her look just by changing her hair.



A chignon is classic and elegant. Tease hair in back to add fullness, using hair spray or texture spray for hold. Gather into low off-center ponytail at nape of the neck, leaving a soft curl or two free near your faceline. Secure with hair elastic that matches your hair color. Twist and wrap ponytail around itself and secure with bobby pins.


The Veronica Lake look is sultry, soft and oh-so-sexy. Begin by  creating barrel curls. Using a medium-to-large curling iron and, working in 2″ sections, curl hair under, securing  each section with a duck-bill clip to allow time for cooling and setting. Comb out gently, encouraging “S” type, undulating curls.


Don’t overlook the classic ponytail. This versatile style can take you from a day at the park to an evening on Park Avenue. Tease hair at roots to add some height. With a deep side part, smooth and gather hair into a high ponytail. Twist a small section of hair and wrap around to cover the hair elastic. Use a curling iron to curl ends.


An unstructured up do is deceptively easy—and very romantic. After barrel curls have set, do not brush out. Instead, pick up curls, one by one, and place them on the crown of your head, using bobby pins to secure.


The Krowning touch

Krown Jewels_The Royals_The Goddess Headpiece

Kaylen Morrison of Krown in Newport Beach creates hair jewels that make any girl feel like a queen.

Her styles range from delicate to downright show-stopping.

Shown here:
The Goddess Headpiece.