Written by Stephanie Guzman

The new kitchen is all about clean lines and high-quality materials. Unembellished cabinetry with flush surfaces and simple handles can be offset by a multidimensional backsplash. “Keep it sharp and clean,” says Ofir Grushkovski of Future Home Builders in Woodland Hills.

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The homeowner’s dream kitchen has moved from an Italian villa to a high rise in Milan. The Italian country cucina remains popular, but the newest remodeling trend evokes something more contemporary.
Think clean lines and hard edges with a black-and-white attitude. Today’s kitchen designs lean toward quartz and steel instead of typical granite and wrought iron.

Ofir Grushkovski

Ofir Grushkovski

Inspiration for the new trend comes from homes in Italy, says Ofir Grushkovski, owner of the Woodland Hills-based construction company Future Home Builders. Grushkovski says the trick to pulling off the modern look is quality materials.

“Italian kitchens are very clean, modern, but very expensive,” Grushkovski says. “You have to use real wood, perhaps quartz for the countertops and LED lighting to pull the look together.”
Grushkovski specializes in complete kitchen remodels, but short of that he says there are three elements homeowners can focus on to achieve what he calls a “modern to the extreme” look.
Flat, dark cabinets can instantly modernize a kitchen. Designs feature maple or mahogany wood cabinets in an espresso brown color. Thin steel handles complete the look. The focus of the cabinets is the flush design. The cabinets should be flat with minimal embellishments and a seamless, cohesive surface. For an added touch of luxury, Grushkovski suggests asking your contractor to install self-closing drawers and cabinets.
Tamarac lg  06Second, because the cabinets are dark, the kitchen needs proper lighting to brighten the overall mood of the room. LED lights are best for the task, and they are energy efficient, too.
“All these items cost more money, but it makes a big difference,” Grushkovski says.
A third requisite element is a multidimensional backsplash that can integrate the dark cabinets and light countertop. Grushkovski suggests a neutral palette using small and large glass pieces.
Grushkovski said the color scheme is what modernizes the home and keeps it fresh for years to come. Should a homeowner want more color, a designer can install bright window shades or countertop accessories.
“The main idea is to keep it sharp and clean,” he says.