Sarah Desha Burgos finds a new friend at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas.

Tastes delicious! Bella Brown of Newbury Park helps out in the kitchen.

Say cheese! Wynn Reznick
of Newbury Park shows off
his ketchup-y smile.

We asked Beyond readers to share their children’s goofiest moments. Some of these kids are all grown up now­­—this should sufficiently embarrass them, eh?

Sean Hansen of Camarillo takes his potty training to heart.

“Look mom, I fit through the doggie door!” says Ryder Alvarez of Newbury Park.

It’s a perfect fit! Matt Montroy
of Thousand Oaks tries on his
dad’s SCUBA gear.

Owen Newman of Simi Valley dives into his first birthday cake.

Cameron and Parker Levin of Oak Park (now teenagers) still prefer taking silly pictures to straight-faced ones, says mom Cara.

Megan Cummings of Thousand Oaks gets lost in a sea of her favorite stuffed animals.

Debbie Paul of Camarillo caught her grandson making a silly—and irresistible—face.

Katianna, Alexander and Marika Tron of Camarillo pose for
a Christmas portrait.

Olivia Elizabeth Speitzer is all glam while out for a ride on her unicorn.

Calabasas kid, Connor Abbot, gets up close and personal with his sweet potato French fry.

Codey James Doherty of Thousand Oaks used toothpaste to make a beard to match that of his “Pepere.”

Bella McCloskey of Thousand Oaks loves her new locks.

Paige Robinson of Newbury Park seems destined for stardom.

Nicole Davis of Westlake Village makes the goofiest of goofy faces.

Surf’s up! Bella McCloskey is ready to ride the waves . . . or the sand.

Amanda Gibson of Camarillo says, “Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, I chose the safety Q-tips!” while playing doctor.


We want to see your bad pet pix.
Fido gnawing on your pricey silk pillows, Fifi unrolling the TP, Snuggles tasting the Thanksgiving turkey.
You know, Trouble with a capital ‘T’.

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Zane Reznick of Newbury Park shows off his strength.

Marika Tron of Camarillo
likes to coordinate her
tongue with her outfit.

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