Written by Darleen Principe Photography by Michael Coons

There’s no need to escape to a high-priced hotel or a luxury resort to enjoy a revitalizing dip. Sure, installing a cookie-cutter swimming pool or spa may do the trick if you’re looking to do workout laps or calm tired aches, but one local contractor, Malibu-based H&H Builders, is inviting homeowners to take the edge off by diving in to a custom-built pool or spa with extra pizazz.
Envision wading under cascading waters, past a few naturalistic stone stacks and plunging into the deep end. Or swimming toward the sunset and the picturesque valley, stopping just short of the edge of your infinity pool.


Creating a home retreat has never been so fun thanks to new technology and innovation that opens up more possibilities for creative pool design.   

Custom building an in-ground swimming pool or hot tub can be a home project filled with personality and creativity.
For H&H, a licensed general contractor with ties to both landscaping and audio providers, a pool becomes synonymous with atmosphere.
There can be much more to a backyard swimming pool and spa than a diving board and noisy underwater vacuum.


Lucky, this lucky chap knows how to keep cool.

How about integrating it with your landscape or connecting it to your outdoor living space?
The builders at H&H are looking to create an ambiance reflective of a lifestyle—think tropical grotto, a cutting-edge lounge area with media capabilities, a zero-entry pool reminiscent of a beach but safer for kids, or a temperature-controlled hot tub that steams and bubbles like a California hot spring.

Recent design and technological advances are allowing us to ride the wave of pool innovation. The latest lifestyle trends aim to transport the fun and relaxation of vacation to the home.
And what suggests vacation more than lounging by the pool?
Going for a swim or soothing weary muscles in a spa can be a holistic experience for the body and the mind. H&H believes it can stimulate all the senses. You just have to be creative.


It’s hard to imagine a stay-cation without a luxurious pool at its center.