Photos by  David McMartin   A journey into the wilderness is great exercise. It’s an opportunity for friends to spend good time together and a chance to take a break from the details of daily life.  	Hiking the trails also offers a chance to see things you may never have seen before, or to view familiar things in an entirely new way. 	So, when you hit the trails, try looking around you with fresh eyes.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. 

~Albert Einstein


1 Humboldt Lily

June through July

Humboldt Lily with Tiger Swallowtail

2Catalina Mariposa Lily
March through May

2 Catalina Mariposa Lily

3Bush Monkeyflower
March through July

Orange Bush Monkeyflower

4Scarlet Larkspur
May through July

4 Scarlet Larkspur

5Crimson Pitcher Sage
March through May

Crimson Pitcher Sage

6Chocolate Lily
February through June

6 Chocolate Lily

7Woolly Blue Curls
March through August

7 Woolly Blue Curls

8Creek Monkeyflower
March through August

8 Creek Monkeyflower

9Purple Nightshade
March through August

9 Purple Nightshade

10Speckled Clarkia
April through July

10 Speckled Clarkia