Great ways to say ‘I Love You’

Camilla Kimono Wrap

Don this silky robe while getting ready for a night out . . . or a night in. Josie Natori’s 100 percent silk robe also features French lace accents. Ooh, la la!
(646) 415-5300

Hummingbird Feeding Kit

Hummingbirds are nature’s jewels and this kit from Wild Birds Unlimited contains everything you need to attract them: easy-to-clean feeder, food mix, storage bottle and information card.
720 N. Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks
(805) 379-3901

Twisted Halo

What better way to pop the question this Valentine’s Day than with this Monique Lhuillier engagement ring. Seriously, how could someone turn down a marriage proposal with a ring like this?
$2,160 (setting only)
(888) 565-7641

Saint-Valentin Doves

Two exquisitely intertwined lovebirds gaze into each other’s eyes, memorialized in ruby crystal.
(800) 215-1300


Pretty in pink. This floral fragrance envelops its wearers in a mist of Turkish rose, peony and lily of the valley.


Literally translating to “rebel” in English, this masculine eau de toilette calls itself the scent for the modern day man: adventurous, elegant, free-spirited and charismatic.
(888) 488-2580

Heart Planter

Let love grow. The perfect gift for a blossoming romance, Vintage Garden & Bloom’s galvanized planter also works well with succulents for a low-maintenance kind of love. (Flowers not included.)
1696 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks
(805) 379-1418

Silk Sleep Mask

Slip’s100 percent pure mulberry silk masks tout themselves as anti-aging and promise uninterrupted beauty sleep. That is, unless you welcome the interruption . . .
(312) 957-5784

Bourbon Bears

For the bourbon fan in your life, this single-barrel bourbon is Kentucky’s finest in sweet, snackable (non-alcoholic) form.
(855) 784-2734

Wine and Truffles

Harry & David’s smooth red blend and mouthwatering chocolate truffles make for a perfect pairing, just like you and your sweetheart.
(877) 322-1200

Crystal Heart Box

Make your affections crystal clear with this timeless box, part of Waterford’s Giftology collection. It’s packaged in a soft pink container that reads, “I give you my heart.”
(888) 888-4757

You’re Smokin’ Chocolate Cigars

Smoky, toasty hand-rolled cigars–oh, and did we mention they’re chocolate? Made by Venchi, a 19th century chocolatier, and delivered by Sugarfina in a Cuban-inspired woodgrain box.
(855) 784-2734

Cotton Sateen Essentials

This perfectly pink, 100 percent cotton pajama set is the perfect outfit for breakfast in bed . . . and lunch, dinner and dessert, too. You’ll never want to get dressed again!
(646) 415-5300

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