H copyello 2015! Beginnings feel good to me. They're filled with expectation and anticipation for what the New Year will bring both personally and professionally.
 Being a New Year’s Day baby, I especially feel revitalized. The good and the bad of 2014 are firmly put to rest. I can take what I have learned from the year, repeat what was successful and throw away what was not. My children are out of the house now so, much like when I started my adult life at 18, there is a rebirth as the focus reverts away from children and back to me and my husband.
I think the transition to a two-person household has been more challenging for me than for my husband. He has filled his life with a multitude of hobbies and interests. I must confess, my girls were the focal point of my life—as was my husband—during their growing years.
Now my young 20-something-year-olds have both made the great escape and moved to far corners of the country—Washington and New York states. I can take a hint and know I’ve done my job well. They are truly independent, as they should be. I am now learning so much from them.
They are in tune with healthy living, cooking and exercising as are their friends. And they don’t just exercise, they find activities that are fun to incorporate into their lives, thus changing their lifestyles to healthy ones much earlier than my peers and I did. I really don’t remember the ’70s and ’80s as being the bastion of good health. With the Internet at their fingertips, my girls’ generation is much more educated and driven toward health than my friends and I were at their age.
Just like you, I’ll be flipping through our Beyond pages, checking out the stress busters, signing up for some health workshops and trying some new activities that appeal to me.
So here is to new beginnings . . . reflect, recharge, reboot.

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Lisa Rule,


P.S. My husband, Jim, and I have decided to transform a good portion of our yard into California meadow style, a waterwise landscape. We are taking advantage of the turf rebate, so we have 120 days to finish from our Dec. 18 approval date. We hope to share with you the result of our efforts in the next edition of Beyond the Acorn.


itV copyality. It’s reflected in young faces, angled toward the sunshine, the ocean spray underfoot. We feel their energy and sense how they thrive with the gift of youth. But no generation has an exclusive on vitality. It’s a state of mind, body and spirit that says you are the best that you can be, no matter what your age or circumstances.
In this issue of Beyond the Acorn we turn, once again, to the theme of Building a Better You and we approach it from several different angles.
In our feature story, “Healthy Is Hot,” we examine a growing trend among 20-somethings: choosing good health as a lifestyle. Good food, regular exercise, meditation techniques all combine to help them begin adulthood squarely on the path to lifelong wellness.
We also venture east with two stories that have roots in ancient Chinese medicine. Our tai chi article celebrates the martial art that so gracefully combines a combat art with the smooth dancelike flow that moves energy to where it will most benefit the body. We also introduce a relatively new technique with roots in acupressure. It’s called EFT and we’ve asked a lovely young lady to demonstrate a basic sequence that can be used to quickly address and alleviate daily stresses of the challenging teenage years.
But the road to wellness is not all rosy. Another article sheds light on some of the food additives that are working against us in our quest to treat our bodies well. “What’s on Your Plate?” uncovers the sometimes ugly truth about the food industry. Definitely worth the read. But just so you don’t feel we’re leaving you with nowhere to turn, our writer offers suggestions that will help you make good food choices despite the industry norms.
Our reader submission stories are becoming a Beyond tradition. This time we asked readers to submit photos of laughter—real from-the-belly laughs. Once again, you did not disappoint. Thanks for sharing yourselves. As always, that’s one of the things that make Beyond work so well—it’s for you, about you and includes you.
In our quest to keep a good thing going, we’d like you to send us a photo from your home garden or your favorite outdoor hangout at home. I'm thinking prize flower photo or secluded hammock in the shade. Remember to include your name and phone number in case we need to reach you. We’ll feature your submissions in our next issue, which focuses on Outdoor Living.
This is just a sampling of what this issue of Beyond has to offer. We’ll be back on your doorstep in April.
Until then, here’s to a better you!

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Leslie Gregory Haukoos,