It’s curious what people are drawn to, isn’t it?

For some, it’s a spanking new contemporary design with clean edges and muted tones. But for others, like interior designer Jennifer Grey, there’s nothing as compelling as a room filled with odds and ends that have survived the years.

I’m a lot like that. I wonder what stories an object could tell, if it could tell us anything, that is. And, I’m of the mind that, if you listen . . . really listen . . . an object can reveal to you a lot about where it has been and what it has seen.

Jennifer’s Newbury Park home is brimming with unusual objects with stories to tell. Many of them came from flea markets. And, not to be taken lightly, many of the oddly wonderful things she has collected have come with very small price tags—an added benefit for the bargain-conscious. Jennifer takes us inside her Cottage of Curious Finds on page 24.

In this issue we also go on another kind of journey into the past. This one takes us back to the roots of the land upon which our communities are built. Before the settlement of the Conejo Valley, Calabasas and Camarillo—way back, that is—the Chumash people lived and thrived on this land, in harmony with the natural world they utilized and nurtured. Meet some of their descendants who are keeping the Chumash fires lit in our story on page 36.

We also begin to prep for the holiday season with fun home decorating ideas from the pros as well as versatile and easy party hairstyles for anyone planning to dress up and step out in style.

Seconday ShotLooking ahead, I’d like to invite you to be part of an upcoming Beyond article. Our publisher, Lisa Rule, took an old microwave tray, painted it turquoise, suspended it next to her hammock and, voila, a quick weekend project yielded a fun and unusual spot for her wine (or hot cocoa, as the season requires). Is there anything you have repurposed? Anything that you thought about tossing but then instead, with a fresh coat of paint or a new placement, gave new purpose to?

If so, we’d like to see it. Send in a photo and brief description, along with your name and contact info, and we’ll include it in our next Readers Corner.

This issue of Beyond is overflowing with stories and ideas. Hope you enjoy it!

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Leslie Gregory Haukoos