We are very excited to announce our first Beyond the Acorn Makeover Contest. So many women inspire and encourage us along the path of our lives. Why not honor one lucky winner with a special treat devoted to her?
We have asked four exceptional specialists to pamper the winner with fabulous hair, makeup, skincare, and styling advice on a resort outfit chosen especially for her. It’s a pretty fun way to perk up her summer.
We will be photographing the whole adventure and sharing her experience on Facebook with a reveal of her fresh new look in our summer issue. Please refer to page 11 for the details and an introduction to our wonderful specialists, who are donating their expertise to this contest. We can hardly wait to hear the inspirational stories of all the meaningful women in your lives.
Beyond is so happy with our reader response and we are listening to our advertisers. To that end, starting with our summer edition in July, we will be zoning Beyond the Acorn to replicate the zoning of the Acorn newspapers. The editorial content will remain regional, and now our advertisers can choose which areas they would like to target. Please refer to page 65 for more information.
Wish us luck on May 1. Beyond the Acorn is a finalist for three Maggie awards. This is the first time we’ve entered this prestigious magazine competition, which recognizes publications from all over the western United States. We would like to thank our readers and advertisers for their suggestions that inspire us to strive for excellence. We are humbled by your support.
Finally, you may or may not remember we promised to share with you my personal water-wise garden project. Much to my chagrin, our backyard is not ready for prime time viewing.
We (and when I say we, I mean I) have moved our landscape debut to our summer issue.
Since Jim and I are doing the work ourselves we have encountered several challenges. We had not planned that our choice of plants and possible alternatives would not be available. Lesson learned: growers aren’t supplying local nurseries with much in the way of variety during December, January and February. But do not fret, dear readers. Our intrepid editor-in-chief, Leslie, has found some inspiring gardens to share with you. I may even borrow some ideas from “Mood-lit Garden” on page 38 for our own secret garden. What fun!

Happy reading,

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Lisa Rule, Publisher


Ihave enjoyed my garden immensely over the years. I have fed and nurtured it, watched it change, and spent endless hours with it. And, like with an old friend, there have been seasons when I’ve neglected it, catching a glance of it through the kitchen window while I hurried on with whatever filled my days. But, with my attention or without it, the garden continues to bloom and grow, and it always welcomes me back to spend a Saturday afternoon together.
This photo shows just one of the many corners in my garden I’ve particularly enjoyed. I have watched the flowers bloom around the fountain’s base then fade back with the sLeslie Fountaineason’s end. I’ve seen the most beautiful birds bathing in it. One year a hawk took to resting on its edge, visiting daily for a couple of weeks.
I have a hunch I’m not alone in my love for my garden. When we asked readers to share their favorite garden spots, the pictures came flooding in. We could only include a few of them here but invite you to go to our website to see them all.
We also feature three very different garden styles in this issue. The tropical garden feels like a trip to Kauai; another garden has a lovely collection of cactus and succulents; and the third shows how an average-size backyard can turn very romantic when vintage chandeliers set the mood. All are meant to inspire you to get out there, whether it’s with a clipper and spade, or bare feet and a chilled beer.
If it’s a brew you choose, you’ll want to check out our story on craft beers. While exploring the trend we visit some nearby microbreweries and meet a local couple who brew a beer in Iceland because of the purity of the water there. Interesting reads, all of them. And enough to get you craving a cold one.
Which is why we visit Brendan’s Pub. After all, what goes better with a chilled beer than authentic pub food—and good friends, of course. Brendan’s shares a few of their mouthwatering recipes with us—not for the calorie conscious but definitely delicious.
We pack so much into each issue of Beyond that I can only touch on the highlights here, just enough to tempt you to take us with you when you settle into your favorite garden spot for an afternoon read.
We’ll be back in July with more of the best of the area. Until then, enjoy this lovely spring.

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Leslie Gregory Haukoos