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ummer makes me think wistfully of when my children were younger.

The whole family enjoyed being released from the rigors of school homework and sports schedules. (Yes, I was the mom who cried when they entered kindergarten and again when they started first grade because that meant they spent the longer days away.)

Summer was the season to reconnect as a family and create new experiences. Other than the occasional camp for the girls, we just enjoyed each other and friends from morning to night.

Barbecues, pools and lazy days at the beach with other mothers and my children’s friends enriched our time as we built memories. Jim and I would camp and travel with the children, and mobile phones were not a problem back then; we were unplugged. I didn’t allow the kids to have hand-held games, nor did they have videos for the car trips. We played all the classic car games—alphabet memory game, license plate alphabet and slug bug.

Publisher letter photoWe endured that back seat “She touched me!” bickering and the inevitable “Don’t make me stop the car and come back there!” And those exchanges were so reminiscent of my childhood car trips, when my brother and I tortured my parents from the backseat.

It makes me sad to see today’s young families in the park, the children competing with cell phones for a parent’s attention. Or to see a “family walk” where both parents are on phones with a little one tagging sadly behind.

So unplug, emotionally reconnect and savor your summer slowly. The time flies all too quickly away.

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Lisa Rule

Welcome | From the Editor

t was a particularly lovely morning the day my daughter and I journeyed through Malibu Canyon to Surfrider Beach to meet the folks from A Walk On Water. By noon, my daughter, who is severely autistic, had wiggled her way into a wet suit (not a small task for someone with sensory issues) and was swept off to sea (in a good way) with a burly surf instructor and his handsome sidekick.

Editor Letter photo

Lauren Haukoos feels the motion of the ocean while riding with surf instructor Chris Thompson during the April AWOW event in Malibu.

Though she didn’t stand on the surfboard that day, she thoroughly enjoyed her rides as well as the whole experience with these fabulous athletes who share their love of the ocean and its healing magic with special needs kids and their families. To spend a day in the sunshine surrounded by dozens of volunteers and scores of other special needs families is truly an experience like no other. Suffice it to say, we’ve signed up for their next surf day in July.

Our story about A Walk On Water is just one of several that will take you to the beach in this issue. You’ll also explore the historic Adamson House and imagine how idyllic life must have been before PCH cut through the Rindge family’s thousands of acres in the early part of the 20th century. Mostly, I savor the home’s Malibu Potteries tile, which covers nearly every flat surface of that perfectly unique home and local gem.

We also sent our adventurous staffer, Allison Montroy, out to the Channel Islands. She returned with stories to tell and a great article on one of our closest yet most remote National Parks.

As I have a hunch these stories will inspire more beach days this summer, you might want to check out our collection of products to help make your days of sun and surf that much more enjoyable. They are Beachy Keen and easy to pack in the old woody.

I’d also like to point out our special affinity for our four-footed friends—no, I’m not talking hamsters, although we’ve nothing against them. I mean our dogs. And your dogs. A big thank you for sending in your Bad Dog photos. We did get a few mischievous cat photos as well. To see those, visit our website.
Up next: Your most memorable Halloween costumes for our Fall issue, on your doorsteps by October 1. Share them if you dare!


Leslie Gregory Haukoos