Cold Cereals Choose brands with 6+ grams fiber

• Fiber One

• All Bran Buds, 51% fiber

• Kashi cereals, Good Friends, Heart to Heart, Go Lean, Autumn wheat, Island vanilla

• Bran flakes

• Shredded wheat with bran Hot Cereals

• Oatmeal, plain

• Oat Bran

• McCann’s quick-cooking (or microwavable) steel-cut oats

• Kashi Heart to Heart

Bread Choose bread products with 3+ grams of fiber per serving

• Rye

• 100% whole grain

• Whole-wheat sourdough

• Whole-wheat/high-fiber English muffins

• Corn tortillas

• La Tortilla Factory 12-gram fiber tortillas

• Whole-wheat pita bread

• Oroweat Double Fiber bread and English muffins

Pasta & Grains

• Barilla Plus, high-protein pastas

• Whole-wheat pasta

• Brown rice

• Whole-grain couscous

• Near East lentil pilaf

• Quick-cooking brown rice

• Pearl barley

• Farro

• Quinoa

Crackers & Snacks

• Reduced-fat Triscuits

• Ak-Mak crackers

• Rye Krisp

• Kashi TLC crackers

• Kavli

• Wasa Crispbread

• Reduced Fat Wheat Thins

• Geni-soy Crisp

• Fat-free graham crackers

• Orville Reddenbacher or Pop Secret mini, lite popcorn bags

• Tostitos Baked tortilla chips

Mayonnaise & Salad Dressings

• Light mayonnaise

• Olive oil mayonnaise

• Paul Newman’s Lighten Up salad dressings

• Girard’s Light, lite Caesar & Champagne

• Follow Your Heart low-fat dressings

• Flavored vinegars, balsamic or champagne

Margarines & Oils Choose brands that have no trans fat

• Brummel & Brown

• Earth Balance

• Promise Light

• Smart Balance Omega or Light margarine

• I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Pam organic olive oil or canola oil cooking spray

Nuts & Nut Butters

• Unsalted nuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, pistachios

• Emerald 100-calorie nut packs

• Seeds: pumpkin, sesame

• Natural peanut butter

• Soy, almond or sunflower seed butter

Dairy Choose organic when possible

• Nonfat or 1% milk

• Nonfat light yogurt, sugar less than 22 g total carb

• Nonfat or low-fat cottage cheese

• Nonfat Greek yogurt, less than 20 g total carb

• Alpine Lace, provolone, mozzarella or parmesan, feta, low fat cheese with less than 6 g fat per ounce

• Laughing Cow reduced fat cheese

• Light string cheese

• Reduced fat mini Bonbel cheese

• Land O’Lakes fat-free half-and-half

Dairy Alternatives

• Yves Good Slice or Daiya soy cheese

• White Wave, Silk, EdenSoy, Westbrae or 8th Continent organic soy milk

• Almond milk, (low protein)


• Progresso 50% less sodium, 98% fat-free

• Campbell’s Healthy Request

• Amy’s reduced sodium soups

• Bean Cuisine soup

• Swanson Natural Goodness chicken, beef or vegetable broth, reduced sodium

• Healthy Valley soups, any variety

• Fat-free, organic, reduced sodium broth, vegetable or chicken Proteins

• Canned beans, garbanzo, kidney, black, cannellini

• Canned or foil-packed wild salmon

• Canned or foil-packed light tuna Fruits & Vegetables

• Boxed diced tomatoes

• Sundried tomatoes, not in oil

• Marinara or tomato-based pasta sauce Frozen Foods

• Boca, Morningstar Farms soy-based veggie burgers

• Frozen unsweetened fruit, any variety

• Frozen vegetables without sauce

• Steam Fresh vegetable packs

• Frozen edamame beans

• Frozen shrimp & other seafood

Frozen Entrées Choose ones with less than 10 g total fat and less than 4 g saturated fat

• Healthy Choice

• Lean Cuisine, clean eating

• Weight Watchers

• Amy’s Organic

• Gardein

Condiments & Seasonings

• Kosher or sea salt

• Ground black pepper

• Honey

• Pure maple syrup

• Dijon mustard

• Chopped garlic

• Chopped ginger

• Dried herbs and spices, oregano, basil, thyme, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.


• Fat-free pudding cups

• Dreyer’s light ice cream or frozen yogurt blends

• Healthy Choice low-fat fudge bars

• Haagen-Dazs frozen yogurt or sorbet bars

• Skinny Cow fudge bars