Shop these sustainable school supplies

Shop for the new academic year with planet Earth in mind
  • Eco Lunchbox - This three-in-one, California-designed modular nesting lunchbox is made of 100% food-grade stainless steel. $38

  • Back Market - More than buying eco-friendly products, the best way to lower your ecological footprint as a consumer is to simply consume less. This website makes it easier. Founded with a mission to reduce e-waste, Back Market sells refurbished electronics at lowered prices. Price varies

  • Beeswax Crayons - Turns out most crayons are made using petroleum-derived paraffin wax—yuck. Honeysticks’ crayons, which come in 12 colors, are made using natural New Zealand beeswax. $22.99

  • Plantable Colored Pencils - After you’ve used up these sustainably sourced wood pencils from Sprout, turn them into a garden by planting the stubs, which contain non-GMO seed capsules, in some soil. $15.99

  • Decomposition Book - Made of 100% postconsumer waste recycled paper, the 80 pages of these whimsical notebooks are printed with soy ink. $11

  • Black Gala Backpack - It takes the peels of about 550 gala apples to make these Allégorie backpacks in New York City. $575

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